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Travel Information

Getting to Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe is well connected to the international hubs Frankfurt and Stuttgart. For both airports, it takes about one hour by train to reach Karlsruhe.

Arriving by Plane

There are three airports that can be considered: Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe-Baden. Note that there also exists an airport called Frankfurt-Hahn which is located rather far away from Frankfurt. Although there exists a shuttle, the travel time from Frankfurt-Hahn to Karlsruhe is more than 2 hours. Hence, we do not recommend to travel via Frankfurt/Hahn.

From Frankfurt Airport (FRA): If you arrive in Frankfurt, the easiest way to Karlsruhe is by train. Frankfurt Airport has an ICE train station directly attached to it. Follow the signs “long distance trains” in Frankfurt. The ICE operates every hour from Frankfurt Airport to Karlsruhe and takes about one hour. For a personal timetable, use the timetable information system of the German Railways.

From Stuttgart Airport (STR): Use the airport metro to Stuttgart main station. There, trains operate every half hour to Karlsruhe. Again, use the timetable information system of the German Railways for a detailed connection.

From Baden Airpark (FKB): If you arrive at Karlsruhe-Baden there is a shuttle-bus having a non-stop trip to Karlsruhe train station. The timetable of the shuttle bus can be found here. For more details schedule, please browse to the homepage of the shuttle company

Arriving by Train

Karlsruhe has a well operated ICE train stop with frequent highspeed trains arriving from the south and north. Moreover, a TGV stops arriving from Paris and Munich. For a detailed connection, please use the timetable information system of the German Railways. Note that you can buy eletronic tickets.

The easiest way to reach your hotel is by taxi. Depending on yout hotel, the price of the trip will be between 8 and 15 €. A cheaper and only slightly less convenient trip is by tram.

Reaching the conference site or hotel by tram:

  • After deboarding the train, follow the sign “Ausgang Süd/City (exit south)”

Exit South

  • Take the escalator to the lower level.


  • At the lower level, turn right and follow the sign “Ausgang City (exit city)”

Exit city

  • In the main hall, you will find ticket machines for the local traffic. For a single ticket, press “Einzelfahrkarte” (topmost left button), afterwards press 002. The ticket costs 2 €. For a 4-times valid ticket, press “4er-Karte” (left column, third button from top), press 1 and then press 002. The ticket costs 7 € and is valid for 4 trips by tram. We recommend to buy such a ticket, since most visitors will do 2 trips per day by tram. Hence, a 24 hour ticket (4.50 €) is not the best choice.


  • Continue for “Ausgang City (exit city)”

Exit City

  • In front of the main station, enter the tram. If you are directly heading for the conference, take S4, S41 or tram 2 (not 4 or S2!) and deboard at Durlacher Tor (about 10 minutes). There, follow the ALGO-signs. If you are heading for your hotel, S4, S41 or tram 2 are a safe choice as well. The tram stops are shown on our location map. The tram network of Karlsruhe can be found here. Note that the trams to the city depart from the first 2 tracks, while tracks 3 and 4 are the opposite direction. Also note that you have to stamp your ticket as soon as you enter the tram.

Arriving by Car

There is a free parking lot near the lecture hall. Exit the autobahn at Karlsruhe-Durlach and follow the signs for the university (Universität). As soon as available, follow the signs for Waldparkplatz. The exact location of the Waldparkplatz is shown on this map. The walk to the conference hall is signed.


The conference will be held in the Audimax of the University of Karlsruhe. A map with the location of the conference and hotels can be found here. A map of the campus is also available.


Getting around in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe has an excellent public transportation network. Taking the streetcar is highly recommended in the city center. During regular business hours a streetcar passes by every 2 to 10 minutes. Public transportation in Karlsruhe is managed by the local transport authority, Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (KVV), which means you can use the same kind of ticket for all streetcars and buses.

The whole Karlsruhe city area belongs to the same fare zone. The fee for a single person one way ticket is 2 €. There are also 24h tickets available valid for one ('Citykarte') or five persons ('Citykarte plus') for 4.50 € respectively 6.80 €. We recommend to buy a 4-pass ticket for 7.00 € allowing you to take the streetcar 4 times.

Please note that the nearest streetcar station to the conference site is Durlacher Tor not Kronenplatz/Universität.

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