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Accepted Papers (WAOA)

  • Martin Gairing. Malicious Bayesian Congestion Games
  • Andreas Wiese and Evangelos Kranakis. Local PTAS for Dominating and Connected Dominating Set in Location Aware Unit Disk Graphs
  • Chris Gray, Maarten Löffler and Rodrigo Silveira. Smoothing imprecise 1.5D terrains
  • Tomas Ebenlendr and Jiri Sgall. A lower bound for scheduling of unit jobs with immediate decision on parallel machines
  • Peter Biro, David F Manlove and Shubham Mittal. Size Versus Stability in the Marriage Problem
  • Zvi Gotthilf, Moshe Lewenstein and Elad Rainshmidt. A 2 - c log(n)/n Approximation Algorithm for the Minimum Maximal Matching Problem
  • Chandrashekhar Nagarajan, Yogeshwer Sharma and David Williamson. Approximation algorithms for prize-collecting network design problems with general connectivity requirements
  • Jochen Konemann, Ojas Parekh and David Pritchard. Max-Weight Integral Multicommodity Flow in Spiders and High-Capacity Trees
  • Leah Epstein, Amos Fiat and Meital Levy. Caching Content under Digital Rights Management
  • Laurent Gourves, Jerome Monnot and Fanny Pascual. Cooperation in multiorganization matching
  • Ariel Kulik and Hadas Shachnai. On Lagrangian Relaxation and Subset Selection Problems
  • Tobias Harks. Stackelberg Strategies and Collusion in Network Games with Splittable Flow
  • Omid Amini, David Peleg, Stephane Perennes, Ignasi Sau and Saket Saurabh. Degree-Constrained Subgraph Problems : Hardness and Approximation Results
  • Stanley Fung, CK Poon and Feifeng Zheng. Improved Randomized Online Scheduling of Unit Length Intervals and Jobs
  • Anna Zych, Davide Bilo and Peter Widmayer. Reoptimization of Weighted Graph and Covering Problems
  • Marcin Bienkowski, Marek Chrobak and Lukasz Jez. Randomized Algorithms for Buffer Management with 2-Bounded Delay
  • Clemens Thielen and Sven Krumke. A General Scheme for Designing Monotone Algorithms for Scheduling Problems with Precedence Constraints
  • Giorgio Lucarelli, Ioannis Milis and Vangelis Paschos. On the maximum edge coloring problem
  • Wojciech Jawor, Marek Chrobak and Mart Molle. Experimental Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms for Aggregated Links
  • Joseph Chan, Francis Chin, Xiangyu Hong and Hingfung Ting. Dynamic Offline Conflict-Free Coloring for Unit Disks
  • Amotz Bar-Noy, Matthew P. Johnson and Ou Liu. Peak Shaving Through Resource Buffering
  • Rene Sitters. Minimizing average flow time on unrelated machines
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