Accepted Papers (ATMOS)

  • Frank Fischer and Christoph Helmberg. Towards Solving Very Large Scale Train Timetabling Problems by Lagrangian Decomposition
  • Valentina Cacchiani, Alberto Caprara, Laura Galli, Leo Kroon, Gabor Maroti and Paolo Toth. Recoverable Robustness for Railway Rolling Stock Planning
  • Ralf Borndörfer, Marc E. Pfetsch, Luis Torres and Ramiro Torres. Line Planning on Paths and Tree Networks with Applications to the Quito Trolebús System
  • Christian Liebchen and Elmar Swarat. The Second Chvatal Closure Can Yield Better Railway Timetables
  • Guido Diepen, Marjan van den Akker and Han Hoogeveen. Integrated gate and bus assignment at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Daniel Delling, Thomas Pajor and Dorothea Wagner. Engineering Time-Expanded Graphs for Faster Timetable Information
  • Serafino Cicerone, Gabriele Di Stefano, Michael Schachtebeck and Anita Schöbel. Dynamic Algorithms for Recoverable Robustness Problems
  • Karl Nachtigall and Karl Jerosch. Simultanous Line Planning and Traffic Assignment
  • Michael Schachtebeck and Anita Schöbel. IP-based Techniques for Delay Management with Priority Decisions
  • Mathias Schnee, Matthias Müller-Hannemann and Lennart Frede. Efficient On-Trip Timetable Information in the Presence of Delays
  • Spyros Kontogiannis and Christos Zaroliagis. Robust Line Planning under Unknown Incentives and Elasticity of Frequencies
  • Karl Nachtigall and Jens Opitz. Solving Periodic Timetable Optimization Problems by Modulo
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